Cenk Uygur: "CNN Never Showed You" What Really Happened At Nevada Dem Convention


The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains how CNN exposed its pro-Clinton bias this weekend.

"You're so biased you don't even see it," he said about the hosts of the news network.

"You think: I just got here on CNN because I'm, well, awesome. No you got on CNN because you will say things that do not rock the boat. If you rock the boat, you will be called a radical and rabble rouser and shown to the door."

More from The Young Turks about the NV convention situation:

After the catastrophe at the Democratic convention in Nevada, establishment Democrats are blaming the whole thing on violent Sanders supporters. They claim that Sanders supporters were throwing chairs, and link to a video where no chairs are thrown.

"The establishment of the Democratic Party is doing everything they can to silence Bernie Sanders supporters. The recent convention in Nevada is another example, as the party voted in new rules, by ignoring Bernie Sanders voters. They’re pissed at the system. They’re pissed at the establishment. And they were a little loud about it on Saturday...but they didn’t cause violence," he said. "If the cops saw any violence, I don’t think they would have hesitated in the middle of Vegas to arrest people or at least to break it up.”

“You hate the Sanders people so you’re just going to say they caused the disorganization.”

“We looked through as much tape as we could. Where’s the destroyed property? Where’s the assaults?”

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