At NV Convention, Sanders Supporters Immediately Question Yeas/Nays Decision: "She Passed It Before We Even Said No!"


Edited from this stream of Jason Llanes periscope coverage of the complete NV Democratic convention. "It's a ballroom, they probably host events late into the evening," said the host, assuming that the convention had many hours left to deliberate.

“She (Lange) put in a new motion of her own, had someone second it, called for yays and nays and passed it before the nays even spoke,” he reported. "What a b*tch!"

"No! NO! Noooooo! She F*cking passed it before we even said nay. She passed it before we even spoke!"

This is the moment when Bernie Sanders supporters learned that the NV state Democratic Party would not allow a recount, and that the vote to make that decision would be made using the yeas and nays method, without an official count.

Roberta Lange, the Nevada State Democratic Chair, does it very quicky.

"That was Lange, Roberta Lange, @r_lange9," Llanes said about the state party chair. "Roberta Lange voted herself into power, took away our votes, ruined the DNC, destroyed the Democrats in America."

“It was politically heartbreaking to see,” one person told Llanes on his livestream feed. “This is supposed to be about … bringing us together… We didn’t get any voice… Nothing… There were a chunk of Bernie supporters who would have supported Hillary. Would have. But when you divide the room the way they did…”

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