Krauthammer on "Ferguson Effect": Spike in Murder Rates No Coincidence


Reaction on 'The Kelly File' after FBI director James Comey suggests viral videos of police could be to blame for rise in crime

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I'm sure there's not just a single answer, but I do believe far more in Comey than I do in the White House staff.

As to whether the "Ferguson Effect" has contributed. I think it is almost undeniable.

First of all the logic of it.

As Comey has outlined it, obviously if you are a police officer, you are called into Baltimore... taunted by crowds holding up the cell phones, are you going to want to act aggressviely to try to put down what is going on?

Or would you simply shy away?

...A cop... is going to shy away. Particularly after having seen when these incidents happen, the WH and DoJ have lined up with those who blame the police. As for example in Ferguson. That's the logic of it, and you have anecdotal evidence. Cops will tell you.

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