Barbara Boxer To Nevada Democrats: "If You Boo Me, You're Booing Bernie Sanders," "Boo Yourselves Out Of This Election"


The Democratic convention in Las Vegas erupted into chaos Saturday, with Bernie Sanders supporters demanding recounts and booing Sen. Barbara Boxer's appeal for calm.

Earler in the day, Boxer, a Hillary Clinton supporter, said "the future of the country is at stake. When you boo me, you’re booing Bernie Sanders. Go ahead. You’re booing Bernie Sanders."

A video of her full speech:

"I bring a message from Bernie Sanders and I bring a message from Hillary Clinton," Boxer said. "We need civility in the Democratic Party. Civility. Because the whole future of the country is at stake, that when you boo me you're booing Bernie Sanders. Go ahead. Bernie is my friend. You want to boo Bernie, boo me. Go on, you're booing Bernie. You're booing Bernie. Let's hear it for Hillary Clinton!"

"We have the votes, we have the voice, we have victory! Yay!" She said, as the crowd continued to boo. "I'm for all of us. Keep on booing and boo yourselves out of this election."

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