Cenk Uygur: Nate Silver's Analysis Saying Hillary Clinton Is More Electable Than Bernie Sanders Is "Biased And Wrong"


TYT: Has well-known political statistician Nate Silver's bias been exposed in this election cycle? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

CENK UYGUR: Now Nate Silver acknowledges that he was wrong about Donald Trump. He looked at all those polls, that showed him winning, but thought: I live in New York and D.C. In my world, Trump can not win, so I'm going to look at the polls and try to find this angle or that angle to try to manipulate the data to show that Trump can't win.

And you were wrong. Trump could win and he did win, and he won fairly handily.

So, he's been doing it in the Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders race just the same way.

"Bernie's not electable, even though I have a thousand polls saying he is, and I'm going to twist it and turn it and use this analysis and that analysis to flip the truth on its head and pretend that Clinton is more electable. And so now he is still telling us...

A guy whose whole life revolves around the polls is now telling us to ignore the polls.

Sorry, but he is biased and he is wrong...

I'm in favor of Bernie Sanders, I'm not hiding that. If you asked Nate Silver if he was biased against Bernie Sanders, he would have a heart attack... But you are. For me, I'm giving you my opinions, I'm giving you my analysis, I'm being straightforward about what my perspective is.

Nate [Silver] is taking numbers, and pretending to be objective about it. But for the whole race, in my opinion, and we've had a debate over it, and there has been back and forth... Overall he has been saying all along that [Bernie Sanders] is not electable, and it is just not true. It is the opposite of true...

JIMMY DORE: So he does -- You are correct... when Nate Silver says I'm all about the numbers, and there is no bias. His whole thing is about which polls matter more than other polls. What things matter more than others? How intensely are people feeling about certain things? His whole thing is interpretation. His whole thing is bias, what he thinks is the real answer. And that is why he has been wrong about Donald Trump, and now he just keeps dismissing the exact thing that he makes his living on: polls...

CENK UYGUR: He underestimated Donald Trump throughout the entire primaries, he dismissed --not his polling, but the polling he is analyzing-- and he's doing it again today. It is a critical mistake when he lulls the establishment into thinking Trump could never win, but when you look at the polling he's got an excellent chance of winning.

And everyone says: "Even Nate Silver says he can't win, Hillary will cruise to victory."

She's not.

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