Sabato: Rank And File Republicans Are Getting Behind Trump


STEVE DOOCY, FOX NEWS: All right, let's talk about poll magic. I'm going to give you the three brand-new Quinnipiac polls. In the state of Florida, Donald Trump and Clinton are tied. In the state of Pennsylvania, pretty much tied. And finally in the state Ohio, Trump actually leads Hillary Clinton by four points. Larry, give us some analysis here.

LARRY SABATO, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA: Well, the analysis is that the top numbers -- the top line numbers you just read, and this is so appropriate for you, Steve, really don't matter. It's may. And these races according to Quinnipiac at least are tied in these three states.

You have to go into the poll to see what's significant. The number one thing that I think is significant from these polls is that average Republicans, rank and file Republicans, have more or less coalesced around Donald Trump.

That's the rank and file is ahead of the leadership which is still disputing whether Donald Trump should be the nominee or whether they should support Donald Trump as the nominee. And that obviously is important. You need a unified party, at least at the base in order to win an election.

STEVE DOOCY: Sure. So Larry, while the rank and file seems to be coalescing around Donald Trump, a couple of days ago you got Paul Ryan saying, you know, I don't know if I 'm going to endorse him yet. My question to you is, what needs to happen when they come out of this meeting that they're going to have on Thursday, when Donald Trump and Paul ryan step to the microphone, what are they going to say?

LARRY SABATO: Well, if they're smart, and particularly Paul Ryan I think given his future, probably it will be sweetness and light. Whatever they really believe about one another and whatever they really think, this will be a shock to you in particular, but politicians hide their real feelings. They often -- they often project a phony front. But it works.

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