Laura Ingraham: Trump's Nationalist-Populist Conservatism "Will Be Very Popular In Unconventional Places"


LAURA INGRAHAM: What we have known all along, is that there is a hunger in America among voters across the political specturm for America-focused leadership.

That doesn't mean we don't engage with the world, that doesn't mean we have no immigration, or no trade, contrary to what they're saying in many so-called conservative publications.

But they want the decisions we make to always come down to sovereignty and security of the economic standing of the American family.

If Trump continues to make that message and make it forcefully, and not get caught up in these side-battles, I think you'll hear more from the polls where he's moving either closer to Hillary, in a tie situation, or advancing past Hillary.

The more populist, slightly more nationalistic conservative view will be very popular in unconventional places, if it is done right.

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