Kornacki: Trump Won Same Percent of Popular Vote as Romney & McCain When They Clinched


STEVE KORNACKI, MSNBC: Party unity a big issue right now, with Donald Trump scheduled to meet House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday. And Paul Ryan -- He's not ready to support Trump. A lot of Republicans saying that. One of the things that Republican who oppose Trump have been saying is that hey, a lot of Republicans never voted for Donald Trump.

They are basically saying that this was a hostile takeover...

40.2 is the percentage of all the votes that have been cast in all the Republican primaries and caucuses so far that Donald Trump has received...

So yes, that is under 50%. And he basically has clinched the nomination while receiving less than half of the vote on the Republican side, so from that standpoint Trump's opponents on the Republican side have a point.

However, there's some context here. There's a but. Take a look at the last Republican nominee. When he clinched the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney at this same point in the race, had basically the same as Trump. 41.5 % of the vote -- Mitt Romney in 2012. When Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum his two main opponents dropped out of the race, and we could call Mitt Romney the presumptive nominee, he had 41.5% of the vote...

His final total was over 50% -- that's probably going to happen to Donald Trump too, and Romney it is worth noting... 93% of Republicans, when it came to it, went out and voted for him against Barack Obama in the fall.

When John McCain clinched the nomination in 2008, when his opponents dropped out, he had less than 40% of the Republican vote. 39.9%. He ended up getting 90% of Republicans in the fall...

[Trump] is right in the middle, so it is not 50%, but it is what the previous Republican nominees got.

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