Hillary Clinton Calls For New "Trade Prosecutor" Position, Opposes TPP "In Its Current Form"


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sets the record straight on her free trade stance in this clip cut from her interview yesterday on "Face The Natiion."

Clinton called for a new political position who would report directly to the president: The Trade Prosecutor. "I do believe in trade," Clinton said. "We have to be smart however, and we certainly have to enforce them. That is why I have called for a Trade Prosecutor to report directly to the president. Because we can't wait until somebody takes advantage of our markets, we have to be much more affirmative on that."

She has faced extensive criticism from both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for her support of past and future free trade agreements. Clinton famously called the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the "Gold Standard" of trade deals while working on it as Secretary of State. "I said I would like to renegotiate NAFTA when I ran in 2008," she said Sunday. "And I currently oppose TPP in its current form."

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Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker commented on what was percieved as a "flip flop" from Clinton on trade last month, saying about the Trans-Pacific Partnership: "Frankly, having looked at this agreement, studied this agreement, it is the Gold Standard... It is the toughest trade agreement out there in the world."

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