Vanden Heuvel: Trump, Like Reagan, Exploiting Dog-Whistle Racism


KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL, THE NATION: Paul Ryan is a member of the elite, which Matt spoke of. I think we are seeing the crackup of the party, because the elites didn't deliver for the base. Let's be honest, we're also seeing Donald Trump as the Republican Frankenstein with orange hair. The Republican Party is reaping what it has sowed. There's all this nostalgia about Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the site where three civil rights workers were killed by white supremacists. This is a party that has exploited what Trump is now exploiting. Dogwhistle racism and resentment. We need an inclusive populism, not the scapegoating populism. To speak to the real anxieties and fears and frustrations, but with hope, not demonizations as Donald Trump is doing.

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