Gingrich: Paul Ryan Made A Mistake By Not Endorsing Trump, "He Has An Obligation to Unify Party"


Former House speaker Newt Gingrich speaks with Sean Hannity about current speaker Paul Ryan hesitating to support the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

SEAN HANNITY: I'm not ready to support Speaker Ryan anymore. I'm thinking maybe we need a new speaker, thoughts?

NEWT GINGRICH: First of all... these pseudo-intellectual right-wingers
who have made a living in Washington D.C. being brilliant while they alienated the entire American people are showing you by their hysteria the degree to which they are being repudiated, and they just don't know what to do. They're in a state of psychological hysteria that is really kind of amazing.

In the case of the two Bushes and Romney. I was one f Mitt's competitors in 2012. What do you think Mitt would have said if I did not support him? I supported George H.W. Bush even though I was a Reagan supporter and a Bush supporter. What do you think Bush would have said if I had gotten up and not supported him.

There is something wrong here when these people, who the Republican Party has done a lot for, let's be honest. The Bushes, the Romneys - The Republican Party has been pretty darn good to them, and they owe it to the party and the people who make up that party, beyond their own hope to be above it all.

In the case of Paul Ryan he made a big mistake today and he needs to understand this. He needs to understand this.

He is the Speaker of the House. He has an obligation to unify the party. He has an obligation to reach out. Obviously he and Donald Trump are going to have disagreements. Some of them will work out and some of them they won’t. That’s fine. Our constitution provides that speakers and presidents can fight, but I think he sends the wrong signal and a signal which I think endangers the House Republicans and endangers the Senate Republicans.

I much prefer what Mitch McConnell did, what John McCain did –they both said, ‘OK game’s over, we have a nominee. I’m for him.'

And I think Paul Ryan has some obligation institutionally to be responsive to the fact that the people of the party he belongs to have chosen a nominee. And frankly in the long history of American politics, Donald Trump is not outrageously outside the norm.

This kind of vitriol you get does not reflect accurately people who have been nominated for president over the last 200 years.

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