Luntz: Republican Voters Will Be Furious If Congressman or Senator Doesn't Back Trump


CBS News: Republican strategist Frank Luntz joins CBS This Morning to discuss the divided Republican Party and presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Luntz said after doing several focus groups he found that Republican voters will be outraged at their Congressman and Senator if they don't back Trump. The wordsmith said there is "no way to provide an accurate prognostication of what happens in the fall."

"I've been doing focus groups in the last two weeks and we found that there are a significant number of Republicans that will be furious at a member of Congress or a Senator that doesn't support Donald Trump if they themselves are because they will consider that to be disloyal and they'll consider that to be in essence pro-Washington," Luntz said Friday morning.

"But there's another group that is equally as important that are concerned about Donald Trump and they would feel that an endorsement of him is actually not what they're looking for," Luntz said. "For the GOP to be successful in November, they have to walk that narrow tight rope between turning on conservatives and appealing to independents."

"I have to tell you, in all the time I've been doing this, which is now almost 30 years, I've never seen anything like it," he said. "The GOP has never had this challenge at a time when Hillary Clinton, a Democratic presumptive nominee, is weaker than any Democratic nominee in the last 50 years."

Luntz talks the fracturing of the political parties.

"We're seeing the fracturing of politics on the left and on the right and right now there is no way to provide an accurate prognostication of what happens in the fall. Frankly, any, any outcome is now possible," he said.

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