Trump on Bushes Sitting Out 2016 Race: "I Don't Care," Don't Need Their Support


Donald Trump talks about the Bushes deciding not to endorse and support the him in an interview with CNBC's Joe Kernen and the panel on the network's morning show Squawk Box. Trump said he doesn't care if the Bushes sit this election out because he has tremendous support and doesn't need them.

"I went through a very rough primary where I was very harsh on some people, like Jeb Bush, and you know, you wonder why the Bush family wants to sit it out. I was also harsh on his brother. His brother got us into the war on Iraq, one of the worst decisions in the history of our country, and I said it loud and clear," Trump said.

"When I hear that they're going to sit it out, I think, that's fine," Trump said. "I don't care if they sit it out. I have tremendous support. Even politically so many people are now coming out in support. We're going to have some people that aren't going to want to play the game, and it's okay. If they don't want to. I don't think it matters."

"I learned yesterday that a couple don't want to endorse me. I say it doesn't matter. It makes no difference. I didn't have huge support in the primary and I blew everyone away," Trump told CNBC's Kernen.

Trump on what he would do in his 100 days as president:

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