Trump: Clinton Took Calls From Blumenthal, But Not From Benghazi Ambassador


Donald Trump talks about using Hillary Clinton's initial support for the Iraq War against her in an interview with Bret Baier on Thursday's broadcast of Special Report. Trump said Benghazi showed Clinton can't be trusted for a phone call at 3:00 in the morning. "She took them from [Sidney] Blumenthal, but she didn't take them from the ambassador," Trump said.

"She made a mistake when she voted for the war," Trump said. "She made a big mistake with Syria. She made a tremendous mistake. Look at Benghazi. She did the whole ad, who do you trust at 3:00 in the morning? Well, you don't trust her, because she was sleeping and there were plenty of calls coming in, she was sleeping. She took them from Blumenthal, but she didn't take them from the ambassador."

"NAFTA was signed by Bill Clinton. NAFTA has been a catastrophe. An absolute catastrophe for our country. They say I'm not conservative, on trade. I believe in free trade, that's what they want. But we're getting ripped off on free trade because our leaders don't know what they're doing. In the case of Mexico, I have nothing against Mexico. Thousands of people that work for me from Mexico. They're fantastic. Hispanics. I think I'm going to do great with the Hispanic vote," Trump said on FOX News.

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