Kristol Calls For Third Party Candidate: "Important That Trump Not Be Face Of American Conservatism"


Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol called for a third party candidate to launch a challenge against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the Democratic party's eventual nominee in an interview on MSNBC. Kristol floated Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse as a possible candidate.

"I would like to have a conservative to vote for," Kristol said in an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell this afternoon. "I think an awful lot of people in the country would including a lot of moderates and conservatives... We have two candidates who are viewed by considerable majorities in an unfavorable way, not a favorable way, as the major party nominees."

"Can't we do better?" Kristol asked. "I think we can and I hope a serious, independent candidate steps forward and I think that candidate can surprise, that candidate can do well."

Kristol was asked who that candidate would be and threw out the name Sen. Ben Sasse.

"Maybe someone who's a senior statesman type. But I think Ben Sasse, a young Senator, a conservative Senator, but who's really an independent-minded conservative Senator. If he can launch, there will be a lot of money, a lot of operatives, a lot of legal services volunteered to get him on the ballot across the country," he answered.

"Imagine a debate with Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, and somebody like Ben Sasse," Kristol said. "I think an awful lot of Americans could look up and say, wait a minute, can't we do better. We can do better than Hillary and Donald. What about Sasse and what about others like him?"

When asked if he would support Clinton, Kristol said "I really don't think I would."

"I think nominating Donald Trump will likely elect Hillary Clinton, and I don't think Donald Trump should be president. So the argument that, gee, you might hurt Donald Trump. Well, fine. I'm not adverse to helping stop Donald Trump from becoming president. I prefer that not result in a Hillary Clinton presidency," Kristol said Thursday.

"I've voted for Republicans in every election in my entire adult lifetime," Kristol said. "I think 11 times. The idea that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for six months, unchallenged as the spokesman for the Republican party. And in a way unchallenged as the face of conservatism in America. This is a movement and a party that I have been pretty proud to be part of and I think lots of people are proud of. Its made mistakes, it has had its ups and downs."

"It's really important that Trump not be the face of American conservatism or the Republican party," Kristol told Mitchell.

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