Krauthammer: Anti-Trump Forces Will "End Up Being United By The Nature Of The Opposition"


CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS: Charles, I was looking back at the exit polls at the end of 2008 Democratic race, and 40% of Clinton supporters said they weren't going to vote for Obama and of course, the vast majority of them did how seriously do you take it when roughly 40% of Cruz supporters in Indiana last night said I'm not going to vote for Donald Trump?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think the pattern is the same in just about all elections. On the night you lose, you don't want to think about supporting the other guy. In the end you end up being united by the nature of the opposition. And that's what happened in '08, it will happen here. Perhaps to some lesser extent because Trump ran a real slash-and-burn campaign, succeeded of course. But for some people it's not going to work. It won't wear off.

But I think the way he unites the party, apart from all the things that were mentioned, the most important I think and most effective would be in naming a team. A lot of people are just afraid of this guy is a novice, he doesn't know a lot, and he appears impulsive. So what if he surrounds himself. The first important appointment is is going to be the VP. You hear stories that he'll name a cabinet.

WALLACE: He suggested that in an interview today that he might name a cabinet before the convention.

KRAUTHAMMER: If he can choose a cabinet with people of stature and reassurance, you get somebody who is respected in the party with a long history and he's going to be Secretary of Defense or she's going to be, then that not only reassures you about the policy, but also it's a nod from that respected individual that Trump is going to be okay. That could be a very effective employ.

WALLACE: I want to play the game with all of you. Because Trump is talking obviously about a vice presidential person and he said today he was leaning towards a politician. Somebody who would know how to get things done in Washington. So let's go down the line. You got a name? Not who you think he's going to pick. But who would be a smart pick for him and a reasonable pick.

KRAUTHAMMER: It's got to be a politician. It's not going to work if it's a Carl Icahn. You already have a guy like that. It's got to be a governor, I think. Or perhaps a Senator. Maybe a competitor. A Rubio-like guy or a Kasich. Somebody who had his own constituency. Inconceivably a Cruz, although I don't think that Cruz would accept it. But nonetheless, somebody like that.

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