John Kasich Reaches Out With Star Wars Ad: GOP, I Am "Our Only Hope"


After remaining largely silent in the week leading up to last night's Indiana primary, John Kasich emerged on May 4th with this Star Wars themed ad imagining a future where Hillary Clinton is president.

“Upon defeating Donald Trump in the largest landslide since Reagan in 1984, President Hillary Clinton is preparing to name her newest Supreme Court Justice, Elizabeth Warren," the Star Wars titles begin. "Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning new tax hikes, hoping that Senate President Chuck Schumer and his new Democratic majority can swiftly get it to the president’s desk for her signature."

"Meanwhile, our allies across the world are swiftly losing faith in America’s role as a global leader, empowering our enemies and leaving America in a more dangerous position," the video continues. "But we have hope it can be different …"

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