Flashback June 2015: Bill Maher & His Audience Laugh At Ann Coulter For Saying Trump Could Win Nomination


Bill Maher and his roundtable guests – Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, Ann Coulter, Joy Reid and Matt Lewis – discuss the 2016 election only a few days after Donald Trump entered the race in June 2015.

Matt Lewis from The Daily Caller pushes Marco Rubio, Bill Maher wanted Scott Walker or Chris Christie, but laughed at the prospect of a Trump victory. MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid's face when Coulter suggests Trump could win with a 4% increase in the white vote is worth a look, and Rep. Luis Gutierrez praises Jeb Bush for reaching out to Latinos.

REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ: There are millions of voters out there, and when Donald Trump -- I find it amazing that the Republican Party did not challenge Donald Trump on what he said, no one in the Republican party challenged Donald Trump. So if Jeb Bush challenges Trump, and wins, miraculously, through the Republican primary, then Latinos will champion his cause. Because he took on the man who called us rapists and murderers, and they will reward him.

ANN COULTER: No they won't! No they won't. Like George Bush he will lose the hispanic vote 60/40...

You need 71% of the hispanic vote and Mitt Romney still woudl have lost. 4% more of the white vote and he would have won...

BILL MAHER: You're right. Mitt Romney should have been whiter... Mitt Romney was not white enough.

[forced laughter]

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