Trump: National Enquirer Wouldn't Risk Publishing A Fake Photo Of Ted Cruz's Father; "They're Big Professionals"


Donald Trump takes another step into uncharted territory in American politics, elaborating on his comments about a photo in the National Enquirer last week allegedly implicating Ted Cruz's father in the plot to assassinate JFK on Tuesday afternoon's Sean Hannity Show.

DONALD TRUMP: This all started on Fox & Friends -- I did the show and Brian and Steve asked me, they showed me something that was frankly I thought inappropriate as said by [Ted Cruz's] father. And I think most people agree with me. In the meantime there was a picture a few weeks ago with Lee Harvey Oswald and his father a few months before--

SEAN HANNITY: Was that ever verified?

TRUMP: It was a picture put in and they wouldn't put it in if they could be sued -- they are big professionals, and it was put in. By the way, Ted Cruz, I don't think denied it at the news conference...

If that were true, what was he doing having breakfast, or whatever he was doing three months before the JFK assassination? Why are they doing that? Why is the father meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald?

Trump brings to mind this scene from the 1999 movie Men In Black about the tabloid "hot sheets":

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