NBC: Ed Rollins Joins Pro-Trump Super PAC; Says "Time For Republicans To Come Around"


NBC's Katy Tur reports veteran Republican operative and national chairman for the Reagan '84 re-election campaign Ed Rollins will join a pro-Trump Super PAC and encourage his fellow Republicans to coalesce around Donald Trump as the party's presidential nominee.

"I spoke to Ed Rollins, a longtime GOP operative, a couple of minutes ago who just joined the Donald Trump Super PAC, the Great America Super PAC. He tells me he was a doubter like so many others for a long time. Now he has come around to Donald Trump and it's time for the rest of the Republicans to come around to help fill in what he calls 'gaps' in the campaign right now. He's talking about fundraising," Tur reported.

Rollins predicted Clinton will run a $1 billion campaign against Trump and that the Republican front-runner won't say no to outside fundraising because the money will be needed to run a national campaign in the general.

"He said the campaign has done a really good job so far of getting to the nomination, but going into a general election, and facing off against someone like Hillary Clinton, who will likely be running a billion dollar campaign against Donald Trump, he's going to need outside fundraising as well," Tur said.

"This is a big night for Donald Trump. It's a big night for his campaign. Make no mistake, he's going to say he's the presumptive nominee," Tur said.

Tur is NBC's Trump correspondent.

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