Clinton: Donald Trump Going After My Qualifications Is "Familiar" To A Lot Of Women


In an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was asked to respond to Donald Trump saying if she were a man she'd only have 5% of the support she currently has. Clinton called such attacks "familiar to a lot of women" and said "we will claim what is rightfully ours."

"Donald Trump is out saying if you were a man, you would only have 5% of the support that you have, that you only have the support because you are a woman. Think about that," Mitchell posed to Clinton.

"He should take a look at the numbers," Clinton advised Trump. "I am leading him by millions of votes. If we are talking about the contest between him and me before we get to the general election, I feel pretty good about it."

"What he was saying and going after my qualifications is very familiar to a lot of women," Clinton observed. "You know we are not going to be counted out anymore. We're going to stand up and express our opinions. We're going to claim what is rightfully ours in the workplace, in our society, in our economy, in our political system."

"I have been thrilled by the response to his negative comments," Clinton said on Tuesday's edition of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports. "Most women see it not just as about me; they see it about themselves. They see it about their own situations. And there's been an outpouring of support."

"I am not going to be responding to his every insult and attack. That is just not what I think this election will eventually come down to," Clinton said about having her qualifications questioned by Trump.

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