Hannity: George Will Wants "Rebellious" Trump and Cruz To Lose To Hillary Clinton As "Punishment" For Defying Establishment


Radio host Sean Hannity comments on George Will's column in this week's Washington Post calling for the Republican Party to stop Donald Trump by any means necessary.

"George Will can make all the predications he wants, but he did not predict that Donald Trump would win more votes in the GOP primary than any candidate in the history of the GOP," Hannity said. "George Will is basically endorsing Hillary."

SEAN HANNITY: If you go based on the polls... It seems the momentum in Indiana has shifted to Trump in a pretty significant way. We'll know more tomorrow.

What really bothers me --And the same would be the case if it were Ted Cruz-- And I have said this from the beginning. I don't care if you are a Cruz supporter or a Trump supporter, it doesn't matter.

I have always been a fan of George Will in many ways. I remember back in the day, I would watch --I was 18 years old-- in the early days when David Brinkley was the host of This Week... I remember those early days where Will was on there battling Sam Donaldson. And Cokie Roberts, and at the time was like Reagan's lone defender. He was stunningly effective, highly intellectual. Left everybody else in the dust...

I don't know what has happened. George Will hates Donald Trump so much that he has effectively endorsed Hillary Clinton. I am not exaggerating.

He writes, "If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House."

What does that mean? It means don't let Trump win. "Donald Trump's damage to the Republican Party, although extensive, has barely begun..."

"...Those that collaborate will render themselves ineligible to participate in the party's reconstruction."

That's what he's writing here... I don't have a crystal ball, this is a very unconventional year, anybody making predictions has no clue what they are talking about... All bets are off this year, people are so disgusted with Washington, I think anything could happen...

The establishment types that are unhappy that their choice for candidates got their brains beaten in by Cruz and Trump, they are angry, and who are they most angry at? You. The voters. And how you voted. And how you haven't gone along with their great ideas. Otherwise this would be a typical election year where Jeb Bush or Scott Walker or John Kasich was the nominee. The people have decided they don't want this to be a conventional year.

George Will can make all the predications he wants, but he did not predict that Donald Trump would win more votes in the GOP primary than any candidate in the history of the GOP. I don't think he predicted that about the 162 year old party.

And it gets worse. You've got Bill Kristol. George Will is basically endorsing Hillary and George Will is supporting a third party candidacy to stop Trump in the general election. That is basically doing everything he can do to elect Hillary Clinton.

They hate your choice so much that they would rather help Hillary Clinton, that should tell you everything you need to know about how desperately these insiders want to hang on to their power... That ought to tell you a lot about people...

Kristol and George Will want the Republicans to lose and are actively working to make that happen...

Why? because they want to stick their finger in your face... They want to punish you for your rebellion...

If it was Ted Cruz in the position Trump is in, they would do the same thing anyway, they never liked Ted Cruz to begin with. It is really you the people they have contempt for. They hate your choice so much they would rather help Hillary Clinton...

I am frankly so disappointed, but I am not stunned.

I thought I understood the establishment. I thought I got them years ago when I said Boehner needs to go. I thought I understood it, but it is bordering on pathological, the hatred they have for people like Sen. Cruz and Donald Trump.

And this is the irony --I know the Cruz and Trump people are at each others' throats-- But they hate both of you. Both of them, and all their supporters too.

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