Cruz: Donald Trump "Trying To Perpetuate The Biggest Fraud In The History Of Electoral Politics"


On Sunday's edition of CNN's State of the Union, Ted Cruz says Donald Trump is using fraudulent measures to obtain "He's pretending to be an outsider when he's the ultimate insider." Cruz told host Jake Tapper he feels for Trump supporters.

"Donald Trump is trying to perpetuate the biggest fraud in the history of electoral politics," Cruz declared. "He's pretending to be an outsider when he's the ultimate Washington insider. His whole shtick is he tells it like it is. He speaks the truth and then he also told us he could be the most politically correct person on earth. This is the height of political correctness for Donald Trump to say, yes let grown men in the bathroom with little girls."

"People are tired of politicians lying to us. You know who I feel the worst for, I feel the worst for Donald's supporters who believe his role, but every day if he gets closer to the nomination, he starts taking his mask off and behind the Donald Trump mask is Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is a liberal, big government Democrat. It is a terrifying image," Cruz said on CNN.

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