Trump And Cruz Surrogates Battle Over Which Candidate Is Gathering Fewer Endorsements From Hated Establishment Republicans


Fresh off a shocking outburst on CNN on Thursday afternoon, radio talk show host Steve Deace attacks Donald Trump for his friendly connection to former House Speaker John Boehner. Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes hits back, saying that Cruz has even more endorsements from members of the GOP "old guard" like John McCain, Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham: "All these people that us principled conservatives don't like line up behind Ted Cruz."

"This is manna from heaven," Deace said about Boehner coming out strongly against Ted Cruz's candidacy for president. "In the last few days of the campaign the establishment gives us a coveted endorsement: This is the guy we really hate: Ted Cruz, not Donald Trump."

"The surprise here is John Boehner saying he had friends," Deace said about finding out that Donald Trump and the former Speaker were "texting buddies."

"I don't know the circles that John Boehner and Donald Trump live in when they are texting each other sweet establishment nothings in their ears on the golf course in between rounds of 18 [holes of golf]."

"It was Manna from heaven," Trump backer Scottie Nell Hughes agreed. "And by golly [Cruz] needs some good news... Mr. Trump had nothing to do with this."

"Boehner is irrelevant," she said. "You know who is? Lindsey Graham and John McCain, doesn't get more establishment than that... who have both appealed for Ted Cruz."

"You've seen people like Jeb Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham -- all these people that us principled conservatives don't like line up behind Ted Cruz."

"Wow, this is turning into the longest word in the English language -- antidisestablishmentarianism!" noted the NewsMax host.

NEWSMAX: Steve Deace, syndicated radio host and Scottie Nell Hughes, the chief political correspondent for USA Radio Networks discuss whether former Speaker of the House John Boehner’s remarks about Ted Cruz crossed a line. Plus Indiana becomes the next, and possibly the last battleground for some candidates, in the race for the White House.

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