Donald Trump on Karl Rove: "Is He Not The Dumbest Human Being On Earth?"


Donald Trump addressed the California state Republican Party convention Friday afternoon after running serpentine from protesters who blocked the roads and entrances to the event of the venue in Burlingame.

Trump finally delivered this message:

DONALD TRUMP: So we had 18 people -- 17 people I had to beat one by one. And when I first came in, you know the geniuses in [the media]. Brilliant guys. They get paid for knowing nothing. So what happens is they would say: Krauthammer: He Won't Run.

How about this Karl Rove?

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Is he not the dumbest human being on earth? He still thinks Romney won the election. Romney won, remember him? No, Romney won! 5 million votes behind, he's going to make a comeback. No, no, Romney won. These are the people.

You gotta go a different way, because these people are leading you into the very bad, bad desert.

We're going to win in a way that nobody has ever seen before. We are going to be so strong. We're going to be so smart. Again, ideally we're going to be together -- and I think I will win even if we are not together.

There are some people I dont want their endorsement. I honestly don't want it...

Things get said - like with Ted Cruz.... A guy like Bush.

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I watched him yesterday on television. Knocking me. A little. Does he want to endorse me? Who knows. I don't care, it is not going to have any impact on whether or not we beat Hillary Clinton.

But most of the party has to come together -- and the smart people have to come together...

So we're going to hopefully close this thing out pretty soon now that we have crossed the 1,000 number [in delegates]...

We're going to be up 5 million votes. This week coming up, we break the all-time record. And we'll break the all time record by probably 4 million votes. Nobody has ever seen anything like this -- it is a movement.

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