Trump Rips Cruz For "Defending" Carrier Air-Conditioner: "I Wanna Do The Number On Carrier"


At a rally in Indiana Thursday, GOP candidate for president Donald Trump attacked rival Sen. Ted Cruz for bringing up Carrier AC, a company under fire for shutting down manufacturing in the US and moving to Mexico.

"I'm the one that brings up Carrier [Air Conditoners] all the time," Trump said dumbfounded. "And this morning I hear Cruz, he said something about Carrier Air Conditioners."

"I've been talking about this company for four months," for Trump said. "And all of a sudden he starts talking about Carrier. Carrie's my baby. I wanna do the number on Carrier, folks. I don't like what they did."

"And Cruz was actually defending them, you don't want to defend. When they leave, they let go 1,400 people to leave to go to Mexico, they have to pay a consequence when they do that."

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