Cruz Surrogate Explodes At Trump Backer Over "Colorado Voterless Election" Claim


Syndicated talk radio host and Cruz backer Steve Deace explodes at Trump surrogate Kayleigh McEnany for 'lying' over her defense of Donald Trump's claim that the Colorado GOP primaries were "rigged" to reflect the will of party insiders and not the voters.

(Colorado did not hold a primary election or a binding caucus, and held mutiple party conventions in each congressional district.* 65,000 people participated in this process out of slightly over 1 million registered Republican voters in Colorado.**)

"If Team Cruz does not have a Crying Boehner on air endorsement by the end of business today, I don't want to live in this world anymore, Brooke," said Cruz backer Steve Deace to CNN's Brooke Baldwin Thursday afternoon. "This is a gift from God," he said about former House Speaker John Boehner's media feud with the Texas senator.

Kayleigh McEnany says that the Washington establishment is "throwing out" the will of the people by supporting Ted Cruz. "That last week Colorado announced that they would bring back the primary next year. They would allow the people to vote next year. All of those are verifiable facts. I hope someone fact checks this segment," she said before Deace exploded at her.

Deace also fired off some Tweets that afternoon:

Trancript via CNN:

DEACE: Kayleigh, I don't know you, seriously, do you have any integrity at all?

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN: Ohh, ouch. Come on now, Steve? Let's be professional.

DEACE: You darn well know 65,000 people - I am keeping it professional. She's the one lying. Sixty-five thousand people voted in Colorado at this thing called a caucus, called an election.*

There has been no voterless elections. Every delegate has been elected, including the delegates unbound that Donald Trump got in Pennsylvania the other night.

This is the biggest lie and the biggest scam from a guy that's lied repeatedly throughout this entire campaign, whose campaign is built on a lie.

I'm Mr. Anti-establishment when I wrote all these guys checks. Yesterday Mr. Trump was defending Ditch McConnell. Today he's taking hosanna's from John Boehner. This whole thing is a scam.

MCENANY: Steve, --

DEACE: And there are millions of Americans that watch people like you sit here and go on these shows and Scottie Hughes and the rest of this, you know, this cabal, this of motley crew of advisers who just sit here and fete this guy and lie about him and for him every single day and millions of American are freaking just sick of it.

MCENANY: Well, ad hominem--

DEACE: Stop lying! There wasn't a voterless election in Colorado! You're a liar! Stop lying, please.

MCENANY: Steve -

BALDWIN: Wow, wow. Hang on a second. Hang on a second. No one comes on my show and calls anyone a liar, with all due respect. The deal in Colorado is, yes, you are correct, people vote. I had somebody on who wanted to become a delegate... to become a delegate. But that's not a -

DEACE: But if I'm correct, she lied! Well, if I'm correct, she lied, Brooke. Why is that okay?

BALDWIN: Oh, Steve!

DEACE: If I'm correct, she lied! She lied! Why is it wrong? I mean you're the one -

MCENANY: He had - Steve -

BALDWIN: Kayleigh.

DEACE: You just confirmed that she lied, Brooke! Why is that bad?

FINN: I can jump in here. I can - I -

MCENANY: Ad hominem attacks, by the way, are the last line of defense when the facts aren't on your side. It's a verifiable fact that Colorado canceled its presidential preference poll in August. Yes, they resorted to a four-tier caucus system with the intent of disenfranchising the voters. It's also a verifiable fact that Colorado announced last week that they would re -

DEACE: How do you disenfranchise voters when they vote.

MCENANY: Wait, let me finish, Steve. I sat here patiently.

BALDWIN: Hold on.

MCENANY: I sat her patient -

DEACE: You can't disenfranchise voters when they vote.

BALDWIN: Let her finish. Let her finish, Steve. Steve, just let her finish. Let's be fair.

MCENANY: Steve, I patiently let you finish. One more sentence if you can tolerate it. It is also a verifiable fact -

DEACE: Probably not.

MCENANY: That last week Colorado announced that they would bring back the primary next year. They would allow the people to vote next year. All of those are verifiable facts. I hope someone fact checks this segment.**

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