Cenk Uygur: If You Don't Think Hillary Could Get Indicted, "You Are Either Grossly Ignorant Or Lying"


TYT: There is only one possible way that Hillary Clinton could lose the Democratic Primary. The pundits in Washington swear there’s nothing to see here regarding the ongoing FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton. An indictment is either not going to happen or if it does it’s no big deal. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

CENK UYGUR: If you've got a dozen people investigating you, odds are they will indict you. I guess the last possible scenario is they indict her, and they say they are charging you with all these criminal actions, but then the pundits tell you it is no big deal...

Let's say there were a dozen FBI investigators looking into Bernie Sanders and they were going to indict him any day now...

If it was Donald Trump -- I mean look... They would have blown up over it...

But with Hillary Clinton: Shhh, not relevant, not relevant, not relevant. The establishment likes her.

Let me just give you two scenarios where it could be enormously relevant. If [FBI director] James Comey is actually a partisan Republican, and that's a big if, I don't know. And he wanted to do maximum damage to the Democrats. You know when he would announce the indictment? The last day of the Democratic convention.

Oof. So instead of getting the bounce from the convention... You wuld get hit with an indictment... Gigantically bad news taking the wind out of you. At this point, if you think that is not possible, either you are grossly ignorant, or you are lying...

Another terrible timing scenario: Right before the California primary why would that be damaging?

Did you know 80% of the votes in California are actually mail-in ballots?

So mail-in ballots Hillary does much better. Bernie Sanders does better the day of the election. So you indict her a couple of days before the Democratic primary in California. You'd have utter chaos. You'd have Bernie Sanders win enough delegates to make a case to the superdelegates that they should back him, but not enough to win outright where she is not the nominee. That would screw up the whole Democratic primary system, it would create chaos within the superdelegates and the convention, possibly blow up the convention as well. And then you have a wounded and hobbling Hillary Clinton coming out of the convention in disasterous shape. But the pundits say hear no evil...

I'm talking about the political reality of what will happen once these charges come in... The reality is there's a dozen FBI agents hot on her trail.

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