Trump: Obama Should Not Tell The World When He Sends Special Forces To Syria


Donald Trump on whether or not he agrees with the president's decision to send additional special forces to fight in Syria.

TRUMP: I could agree with it, but I don't agree with telling it to the world. I would send them in quietly because right now they have a target on their back. So I would agree with it much more. I don't know what purpose they're being sent in for, but I would agree with it. I can live with it, but what I don't like doing is sending them in so -- I mean, you know, with such fanfare. Let them go in, let them go in quietly, be unpredictable, but I just -- you know, from my standpoint, I just find it very, very hard that every time we do something we announce it for publicity reasons, and I think that's very negative. I think that's a bad thing.

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