Roger Stone: Cruz/Fiorina Ticket A "Desperate Gambit" To Stop Establishment From Dumping Cruz on Second Ballot At Convention


Donald Trump personal advisor Roger Stone reacts to the news that Ted Cruz picked Carly Fiorina as his running mate on Wednesday's edition of Infowars with Alex Jones.

ROGER STONE: Look, it is a desperate gambit. He needed to throw a Hail Mary pass at this time because he is finished. He can not mathematically catch Donald Trump on the first ballot. It is not going to happen. And he is worried about his new best friends, [campaign finance chair] Neil Bush, and Jeb and Mitt Romney, Paul Singer and the other establishment insiders dumping him on a second ballot to move to someone that they prefer -- a Paul Ryan or maybe Jeb himself.

It is interesting that only days after I came out and suggested a loyalty pledge, a voluntary loyalty pledge for Trump supporters to ask voters to take -- Cruz came out with a loyalty pledge for his delegates. That tells me that he is nervous Jeb and Neil [Bush] are going to drop him on a second ballot.

Roger Stone's complete interview with Alex Jones Wednesday:

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