Paul Ryan: Expect A "Contract With America" Style Agenda From Congress Before The Election


ROBINSON: Mr. Speaker, Gene Robinson here. The context here, though, is that Donald Trump would be a controversial nominee. And a lightning rod for all sorts of passionate views, pro and con. What is your practical advice to your members? Is it to everybody get in line behind the nominee or will your advice be, you know, run for the hills, every man and woman for themselves?

RYAN: So, Gene, I'm going to stick with what we planned on doing last October and what we put in place in January. Before the -- when we had 17 presidential candidates -- and that is we are going to be offering an agenda to the country. We're going to be rolling it out before Cleveland, by the way. What do you replace Obamacare with, how do you grow the economy, how do you move people from poverty, from welfare to work, how do fix foreign policy and restore the Constitution in effective, you know, (inaudible) government.

Gene, I think these things unify us. This is what we're going to be talking about, this is what we're going to be presenting. So we here in Congress are going to be offering an agenda, you know, not unlike what they did in 1994 with a contract, which is, this is what we need with a unified government to put in place to fix the country and get us on the right track. We made this decision, Gene, well before the presidential got started.

We're still on the same track. We're on the same plan. And I do believe that whoever our nominee is going to be, is going to be somebody that is comfortable with this, based on my conversations with these gentlemen.

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