Mike Murphy: "The Lights Are Going Out Across The Republican Party"


Republican strategist Mike Murphy, who headed a pro-Jeb super PAC that wasted tens of millions of dollars attacking Donald Trump and Marco Rubio in Florida: "The lights are going out across the Republican Party tonight… It’s like Trump has built a lab to blow a general election, even against Hillary Clinton."

MIKE MURPHY: I don't know any professionals in the Republican party that don't think he's at a disadvantage. To slaughter the words of Sir Edward Gray, the lights are going out across the Republican Party tonight, and we may not see them turn on until after the next presidential election.

It's like Trump is building a lab to blow a presidential election. Maybe I'll be wrong. I'm still not positive he'll be nominated. But things are going his way in the primary now. The thing will be the pivot to the general election. I think Trump's method will be to turn on the insult comedy against Hillary Clinton in the primary -- Her big judo move is playing the victim. Demographically Trump tends to alienate swing voters. We'll see how this turns out.

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