Megyn Kelly to Carly Fiorina: "So, You Know This Is Odd," Is This A "Desperation Play?"


FOX News' Megyn Kelly interviews Carly Fiorina on the heels of becoming the first-ever person to be appointed a vice presidential running mate before the nomination is locked up for the top of the ticket.

"Donald Trump hasn’t won this nomination yet, despite so many people in the media just wishing it would all be over and he would be our nominee," Fiorina told Kelly. "This isn’t over until someone reaches 1,237. And Donald Trump hasn’t. And no, close doesn’t count. And I believe Ted Cruz will be our nominee."

"Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are virtually indistinguishable in their positions," Fiorina also said. "And he cannot be our nominee, and if he were to be our nominee, Hillary Clinton would be our president. And that is a future that I’m not prepared to lay by and allow to have happen."

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