Rudy Giuliani: Cruz & Kasich "Just Demonstrated They Can't Beat" Trump Without "Backroom Deal"


Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani says that the Ted Cruz-John Kasich alliance signals the end of the Republican primary.

RUDY GIULIANI: My thought is that Trump is the nominee. I supported him before. I support him now. I fully endorse him 100% and I urge other Republicans to get behind him. We may have preferred somebody else but he is going to be the candidate. And now we have to do the best we can to make sure we defeat Hillary Clinton.

The fact that Cruz and Kasich had to get together in this backroom deal, is devastating. The American people on both the Republican side and Democratic side are telling us something. They’re telling us they don’t like these backroom deals anymore. They don’t like these Washington shenanigans. They don’t like these sneaky things are done and people pass bills they don’t read. Trump represents something very fresh and very different for them… What Cruz and Kasich just demonstrated is they can’t beat him without making a backroom deal.

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