Chuck Todd: John Kasich, Ted Cruz Alliance "Too Late" To Stop Donald Trump, "Out Of Desperation"


NBC: Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd comments on the supposed alliance between John Kasich and Ted Cruz, saying that it might have been effective a month ago but now is “too late.” He says Donald Trump may get 95 more delegates on this path to the GOP nomination by the end of Tuesday. He also says that even though Bernie Sanders may win a couple of states on the Democratic side, his path to the nomination is “narrow.”

Todd says the Pennsylvania unbound delegates could be the most powerful people in the Republican party if Trump goes in convention near 1,237.

MATT LAUER, NBC: Let's say there's no deal, there is a deal, whatever. If there is a deal, Chuck, is it too late?

I think it is too late. Donald trump is basically just under 400 delegates away from the magic number. He's at 845. When you look at what we're staring at today, and this is why I think this deal -- if this deal had been cut a month ago, then John Kasich, I think, would have won Maryland. I think he could have won Pennsylvania. It's possible he could have won Connecticut. This was not going to be a good night for Ted Cruz. But they didn't cut that deal. Instead, Donald Trump is going to sweep tonight. Donald Trump is probably going to win 95 delegates tonight. He's going to cut what he needs down literally -- needs 400. He'll need 50% of remaining delegates. All because they couldn't cut the deal when you asked Kasich that question a month ago. If they'd cut it a month ago, we'd be in a different situation. They're doing it out of desperation. Kasich was honest about that, resource issue. Money wasn't coming in to either campaign.

LAUER: Did Kasich try to cut the deal but the Cruz folks didn't want to?

TODD: The Kasich campaign wanted to do it for six weeks. The Cruz people finally did it. In Indiana, the only way for them to win was get Kasich out of the way.

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