Pennsylvania Cruz Delegate: I'm Voting For Cruz Even If He Loses; Trump Delegate: I'm Voting For Who Wins District


MSNBC delegate hunter Jacob Soboroff interviews several Republican candidates for delegates in Pennsylvania. One potential delegate who supports Trump said at the convention he will vote for the candidate that won his district. However, a Cruz delegate candidate says she is voting for Cruz at the convention, even if he loses the district she wishes to represent.

"Who are you going for?" Soboroff asked a man who turned out to be a Trump supporter.

"Personally, I'm voting for Trump but I'm waiting to see what the constituents do," Jim Worthington, the candidate for delegate answered. "I'm pretty sure it will be Trump which is going to please me. I'm self-funded, too just like Donald Trump."

The Cruz delegate candidate said she is "voting to represent the people that are supporting Senator Cruz."

Soboroff's exchange with the Cruz delegate candidate, Aldridk Gessa, who says she will not back down, even if her district goes for another candidate:

SOBOROFF: You are running for delegate. Are you running pledged to Ted Cruz, you'll vote for him no matter what if you make it to the convention?


SOBOROFF: Even if your constituents vote the other way?

GESSA: That's correct. Whether it's a small minority or large minority, I'm voting to represent the people of the second district that are supporting Senator Cruz. I've been public about it so anyone that wants to support Cruz can vote for me.

SOBOROFF: Is it going to say who you support on the ballot?

GESSA: No, it doesn't say that.

SOBOROFF: Have you ever thought about you may stop Trump. You might be one of the folks who stop Trump If he's just short of 1237.

GESSA: Yeah, I thought about that.

SOBOROFF: You're kinda one of the most important people in American politics that nobody knows about.

GESSA: Yeah, I guess I'll be a celebrity for about 10 minutes.

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