"Morning Joe" Panel: Kasich and Cruz Teaming Up Gives Trump Fodder To Talk About "Rigged System"


MSNBC: Donald Trump goes into Tuesday's primaries with significant leads in the latest polls, but he continues to struggle in the delegate race. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

Host Joe Scarborough has a laugh at Ted Cruz and John Kasich thinking that Trump will have to negotiate with delegates, when he can say negotiate with the voters. The panel also talks about the "utopian view" that the voters actually choose the nominee, not the party insiders.

"It's an unfair thing. I'm way up in Pennsylvania, but in Pennsylvania you get 17 delegates and the rest you have to negotiate for. What is this? What's going on?" Trump said at a campaign rally in Hagerstown, Maryland on Sunday.

"Come on, what he just said there, that's what everybody is thinking. I win Pennsylvania by 20, 25 points, and then you want me to negotiate? No, I'm negotiating directly with the voters," Scarborough said of the Penn. delegate situation.

"This fits in with his brand," co-host Mika Brzezinski commented.

"Not only does it fit in with his brand it's time for people in my party -- and what the Democrats do with superdelegates which is a total scam and insider game -- to say enough is enough. The system's rigged. You don't negotiate with party insiders. People go to the polls. They vote. They exercise their democratic right, and then we decide who wins based on the voting," Scarborough said Monday.

"It sounds like America," Scarborough said.

Scarborough warned the Democratic and Republican parties will turn into full-on country clubs if they don't fix the "scam."

"Bernie Sanders was screwed by the establishment from the very beginning. They screwed him in Iowa. They screwed him with superdelegates from the get-go. I'm telling you, these parties are going to turn into country clubs pretty soon if they don't clean this mess up," Scarborough said.

Halperin says Trump is going to use the Kasich-Cruz pact as a way to talk about the "rigged system."

"There are some states where Trump has gotten more delegates than the percentage of vote," Halperin noted. "He's benefited from the system in some places. Kasich and Cruz made this deal late last night. Trump was up past midnight putting out a statement. Perfect pitch, saying this was all about insiders trying to stop me."

"Today, Kasich and Cruz are going to have to comment themselves on this deal. And it's going to be very hard... They are going to talk about process and how they are teaming up to stop Trump. And Trump is going to be talking about a rigged system," Halperin added.

"Again, Republicans missing the nose in front of their face because they will end up with Ted Cruz," Brzezinski said. "If they somehow wangle that for themselves, that will be the worst thing ever for them. Tell me some Senator in New Hampshire who wants Ted Cruz to come campaign for her."

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