Katrina Pierson: Cruz, Kasich "Running Against Republican Primary Voters"


Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson appeared on MSNBC to react to the alliance formed between Ted Cruz and John Kasich in an attempt to prevent Donald Trump from securing the 1,237 delegates necessary to secure the Republican nomination. Pierson said the move shows how desperate the "two establishment candidates" are. Pierson said Cruz and Kasich are "running against Republican primary voters" and called it "pretty sad."

MSNBC ANCHOR: As we said earlier, this is clearly the word of the day, collusion. We're hearing a lot about that. I want to look at these polls coming out of Indiana. Your candidate is in the lead by a few points, in three of the latest polls. Are you concerned at all about the departure of John Kasich in Indiana and how that could affect your candidate's chances for delegates in Indiana?

KATRINA PIERSON, TRUMP CAMPAIGN: I'm not concerned at all. One thing we've heard for this entire campaign cycle. We started with 16 candidates, as they dropped out we were told support would fall away from Donald Trump and that simply has not been the case and I think that will be consistent. Not all Kasich supporters are Ted Cruz supporters and we will see that play out in Indiana as well.

This is an interesting situation that has come up, the collusion, the secret agreement these two campaigns have made really goes to show how desperate that they are. You have two establishment candidates now trying to stop a candidate from winning the nomination. In one case, Donald Trump is beating Ted Cruz by 2.5 million votes and John Kasich by 5.5 million votes. I think it's safe to say at this point, these two campaigns are no longer running against Donald Trump, they're running against the Republican party primary voters. And that's pretty sad.

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