Cruz on Charges of "Collusion": Donald Is A "Sore Loser," Hiding In Trump Tower "Scared" to Debate


QUESTION: Senator, you didn't answer the question, respectfully. What do you say to people who think [working with John Kasich] is collusion. I just respectfully want to ask you that again. Donald Trump says you are colluding.

TED CRUZ: I understand that Donald will whine, that is what he does. Donald is a sore loser. When he lost five states in a row in landslide elections... his response is to attack the voters, to attack the people.

Yes, I get that the Trump campaign is scared. Donald is scared of Indiana If he wasn't scared he'd show up in Indiana and debate. He'd much rather hide in Trump tower, stay in Northeastern states that tend to be more liberal than actually come to the midwest, the heartland and defend his policies.

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