Priebus: "Dumb Idea" To Draft Gen. Mattis For Conservative Third Party, Notion Is A "Nothingburger"


Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus talks about the controversy surrounding the RNC convention rules and rules out recruiting Gen. James Mattis to run as a conservative third party candidate. Transcript, via ABC News:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You also got a lot of conservatives now, they're still talking about the possibility of a third party draft if Donald Trump does indeed get the nomination, including getting behind someone like the former Marine general, James Mattis.

Have you talked to party leaders about that, other conservatives about that and how concerned are you?

PRIEBUS: Yes, I've talked to lots of folks within the party and the conservative movement and they all conclude that it's a dumb idea and it's never going to work and it's not going to happen.

So if so, you know, they're already behind the 8 ball and in some states they might not be able to get on the ballot. So -- and by the time we get to Cleveland, it's definitely going to be too late.

And, again, I don't know anyone truly serious that has any money behind them and the organization to make it happen really thinking that it's going to happen. It's a nothing burger and it's something that the media likes to spin. But -- and I don’t buy it.

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