O'Reilly: Media Elites See Trump As "Personally Unworthy" To Be President


BILL O'REILLY: From the very beginning Mr. Trump's run for the White House has been met with scorn from many in the national press.

There are a number of reasons. He's obviously a non-liberal candidate.

He has mobilized support by mentioning ethnic groups like Mexicans and Muslims in negative ways.

Also, he has used a variety of personal attacks against his opponents, although the media is no stranger to that technique.

However, the root cause of the media's disdain for Donald Trump is not his policy or behavior on the campaign trail.

It's him, who he is -- a wealthy man who is not politically correct who has made an enormous amount of money by selling himself in high-profile ways.

Mr. Trump knows the press is against him and uses that to stoke up his supporters.

TRUMP: “Look at those cameras zooming. They are most dishonest people in the world. The media! They are the worst! They are the worst! They’re very dishonest people. They are terrible! ((EDIT)) Do we hate the media? (CROWD: YEAH!!) I don’t hate anybody. I love the media. They’re wonderful. Hey, I guess we wouldn’t be here, maybe, if it wasn’t for the media, so maybe we shouldn’t be complaining, right?”

Now if that sounds like a mixed message, it is.

Trump understands that many of his supporters loathe the press, so he takes advantage of that.

But he also knows that if he wins the White House he will have to make some kind of arrangement with the press corps, thus he tempers his remarks somewhat.

But make no mistake. Trump knows the media will support Hillary Clinton and will denigrate him at every turn, sometimes savagely.

In New York, the Daily News -- a rank tabloid which will do just about anything, including denigrating those voting for Trump.

The Philadelphia Daily News, another down market tabloid, is the same kind of situation.

There are no limits.

But the network news and cable operations like CNN will be a bit more measured knowing that they will lose audience if they attack Trump outright.

In the end Donald Trump will not, will not get a fair shake from the press.

As the campaign against Hillary Clinton unfolds, things will become brutal and the press will try to rattle Mr. Trump.

They see him as personally unworthy, beneath them and destructive to their ideology.

Mr. Trump needs to begin preparing himself for the onslaught.

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