Bill Bennett: GOP Leaders Have "Closed Their Minds" To Trump; "Take The High Road" And Talk To Him


Former Education Secretary under Ronald Reagan, Bill Bennett, says that it is time for the #NeverTrump crowd to give the Republican frontrunner another look.

"We may have a roundtable of [white] knights," swooping in to stop Trump at the RNC convention, Bennett told Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly on Wednesday. "And I'll be Secretary Arthur."

"Let's look a little bit macro at this," he explained. "There is momentum. Trump really finished big in New York. And Cruz finished third. Very bad for Cruz. Remember Cruz told Kasich, when it became mathematically impossible for Kasich to win, you should drop out of the race. Has anybody made that suggestion to Cruz?"

"Cruz isn't going to do it," he said. "There's something else going on. A lot of the analysis is about the 1,237 as it should be, but I ams eeing a growing sentiment on people who don't like Trump -- That the guy who gets the most votes, if it is a lot, 1,100 or so, well those delegates may just lean in that direction. Because this criticism that Donald Trump is making is having some impact -- that votes should translate to delegates."

"They want anybody besides Trump, that's why it is called #NeverTrump"

"They need to think, too, this may be the nominee of their party. They could step up a little bit. They could try to make an effort to talk to Donald Trump. They could take the high road. You took the high road, Megyn... You went over there to see him, which I think was impressive... People have closed their minds on this, closed the door, and I don't think they should"

"They need to think about what this guy is saying that is resonating with people."

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