Trump: Terrorists Can Drown People In A Cage, But We Can't Waterboard? How Stupid Are We?


Trump holds a campaign rally in Indianapolis the day after he won his home state of New York with 60% of the vote. MSNBC reported nearly 150 people are protesting Trump outside the campaign event.

DONALD TRUMP: We will get rid of ISIS so fast that your head will spin, okay? So fast. You know, for years, for years and years, I'd read about medieval times, I love history. And in medieval times, they chopped off heads. But when do they do this? Now we're living in medieval times. We're weak, we're ineffective.

During one of the debates, they asked "Lyin' Ted" about waterboarding, and he didn't want to answer. He doesn't want to get involved because he was afraid it wasn't politically correct, and he gave a nothing answer. A weak, pathetic answer like we always get. They asked me, what do you think about waterboarding, Mr. Trump. I said I love it. I love it. And I said the only thing is, we should make it much tougher than waterboarding, and if you don't think it works, folks, you're wrong.

But you know, there are laws, we have laws that we have to abide by. And I said we'll have to strengthen the laws and toughen up the laws, and make yourself tougher. Because they can chop off heads, they can drown people in steel cages, right? They can put people in steel cages by 25 and 50 people and drop them in the water and pull them up an hour later and we can't waterboard? How stupid are we? How stupid are we?

Don't forget, I said very strongly, take the oil. I made lots of predictions. And you know a lot of people say, I'm a little bit afraid of Trump, his tone, and you know, he may be fast with the trigger. I'm the one that didn't want to go into Iraq. I said, if you go into Iraq, you're going to destabilize the entire Middle East, and Iran is going to take over Iraq, take over the oil. In addition to that, ISIS was formed and ISIS has taken plenty of the oil. Now, Hillary Clinton goes into Libya and ISIS has taken over the oil. It just never ends.

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