Steve Schmidt: Donald Trump Will Be Nominee on First Ballot; Will Clear 1,237 Mark By 50 Delegates


Republican strategist and MSNBC commentator Steve Schmidt says Donald Trump will be the Republican party's nominee for president and he will win the nomination on the first ballot. Schmidt predicted Trump will not only get the required 1,237 delegates, but will have at least 50 more. Schmidt appeared on Wednesday's Morning Joe, following Trump's landslide victory in his home state of New York.

Follow Trump's win in New York last night, campaign advisor Paul Manafort said there will not be a second ballot at the convention.

"He's augmented his team and brought people on who understand the process, who understand how to run the type of campaigns necessary to go into heavily Democratic districts in Los Angeles and San Francisco or merge with the delegates like he did in Manhattan," Schmidt said about the Trump campaign.

"I think when you look at the math of this race and look at states ahead, you look at the winner take all states, Donald Trump is going to be the first ballot nominee of the Republican party," Schmidt declared Wednesday morning. "He will clear the 1,237 mark by at least 50 to 60 delegates by the time the votes are counted on June 7th in the state of California. And that presumes really Ted Cruz over performing at a level that he hasn't been able to perform at thus far in the campaign."

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