Cruz: Trump Supporters Should "Put A Hillary Sticker On Car"; "A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For Hillary"


Sen. Ted Cruz says a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton, in an interview Wednesday morning on WPHT-AM's Chris Stigall show.

"We have got to win and if Donald Trump is the nominee, it elects Hillary Clinton," Cruz said on the show, which airs in Philadelphia. "Every vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. You might as well put a Hillary sticker on your car because Hillary wins by double digits against Donald Trump. I beat Hillary in the election and that’s why Republicans are coming together and are uniting behind a positive, optimistic message to bring back jobs and economic growth, to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights and to keep America safe and defeat radical Islamic terrorists."

Stigall also gives Ted Cruz another chance to explain to voters what Sean Hannity attempted to ask him about yesterday. Cruz exploded at Hannity, condemning him as a 'Trumpkin' for being concerned about the way the GOP apportions delegates. Cruz does not engage in the debate.

CHRIS STIGALL: The delegate process, I'm not going to get into it. But Ido want to say, I think this primary fight has done thing that is very positive. We're all paying attention to the way the system works. I know people are screaming it is not fair, I don't see that you're doing anything unfair. I see how it is tricky or it is not particularly clear. But it is not unfair. If you don't like it -- What do you say to Republican primary voters who don't like what is going on?

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