Manafort: "There's Not Going To Be A Second Ballot"


Donald Trump delegate manager Paul Manafort speaks with Sean Hannity about reports that Ted Cruz is organizing to take many of Pennsylvania's unpledged delegates, even as he stands to place in a "distant third" in the state's primary.

SEAN HANNITY: What do you think the final delegate count is for Donald Trump in New York tonight?

PAUL MANAFORT: Not sure yet, still counting a few close Congressional disctricts, but we will top out over 90 delegates tonight... At least 90 out of 95 and maybe a few more.

HANNITY: Big night. Let's talk about an article in RealClearPolitics today, we've been following states that we thought were over and done, states like South Carolina, Georgia, other places.

And there seems to be the courting of the delegates to --on a second ballot-- switch to another candidate.

How big an issue is that in your mind?

PAUL MANAFORT: There's not going to be a second ballot. So it is not an issue... We have several weeks to get to 1,237 by early June. Today was a giant step forward. We think we'll have another great week next week. You saw record turnout. Record turnout in a primary where everyone knew Donald Trump was going to win.

HANNITY: Does it bother you when RealClearPolitics has an article out today that "Cruz can come in dead last in Pennsylvania," which is a week from now, "and still take more than half the delegates."

MANAFORT: Cruz may take dead last in the vote, but he is not going to take half the delegates.

HANNITY: So you have no concern about that in any of the other states?


MANAFORT: I can tell you we have several way to get to [1,237 delegates], the 90-plus we got today exceeded my base count in this state.

HANNITY: What about the Cruz campaign and Reince Priebus saying everyone knew the rules in states like CO, WY, other places. The [Trump] campaign should have competed harder. What is your reaction to that?

MANAFORT: Trump is not saying he did not know the rules, he is saying the rules aren't fair and the voters, the Republicans and independents who are voting, they don't understand the rules.

They think they are voting for Donald Trump. And we are not getting delegate support because of the rules of the various states, Donald Trump is saying that is a rigged system.

He knows he can't change the rules this time, but he is saying it is a rigged political system and he is going to change it when he is leader of the party.

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