Clinton Campaign's Mook: Pattern of "Personal, Negative Dangerous and Harmful Attacks" From Sanders Campaign


STEVE KORNACKI, MSNBC: I was with Jeff Weaver, the campaign manager of Bernie Sanders. He's making all sorts of accusations of you guys raising money with the DNC, saying too much of that money went to Hillary Clinton's campaign. Not enough of it going to down ballot candidates. What's your response to what the Sanders campaign has been saying?

ROBBY MOOK, CLINTON CAMPAIGN MANAGER: First of all, it's a false attack, and it's a pattern now over the last two weeks here in New York of the Sanders campaign lashing out with personal, negative and I would say dangerous and harmful attacks because they are not having the success in New York that they said they needed and certainly hoped for.

My response to this is Hillary Clinton was fundraising for Democrats up and down the ticket. That's what the leader of a party does. If Senator Sanders chooses not to help other Democrats, that's his choice. He faces another choice right now and that's where he continues to make these personal, negative attacks or whether he goes back to running the kind of campaign he promised to voters across the country that this was going to be a campaign about issues... Let's stop these negative personal attacks and insinuations that only serve to help the Republicans win the White House.

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