Molly Ball: "A Lot Of Elections People Are Participating In In Droves Are Nothing More Than Straw Polls"


MOLLY BALL, THE ATLANTIC: What is happening here is a lot of people as Trump loves the point out brought into the process not a democratic process and now finding out to their chagrin that the way it works, a lot of these elections that people are participating in in droves are nothing more than a straw poll and don't determine who goes to the convention or who the delegates are and who they vote for. And so, you know, the parties in a way brought it on themselves introducing primaries and opened them up to seem democratic in the '60s and '70s created an expectation that the votes matter but the fact is that's not what matters. What matters is technical contests. It is not Ted Cruz's fault he understands the process and is milking it for all its worth but Trump has a point that it's not.

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