Local Anchors Won't Let Cruz Live Down "New York Values": "You're Not Going To Win"


The hosts of FOX 5's Good Day New York interviewed Ted Cruz this morning, but they just could not get past his derrogatory comments about Donald Trump's "New York Values," asking him multiple times what he meant, and whether he would like to take back his comments.

"It is different when a New Yorker says it, than somebody outside New York," anchor Rosanna Scotto said after the first few questions.

Cruz returns, assuming only a Democrat would challenge him on this: "Let me ask you: Are you a Democrat? Do you vote Democrat? Did you vote for Bill de Blasio?"

"She can't comment," notes apolitical news anchor Greg Kelly. "But no."

"You've gotten so much flak about 'New York Values' in New York," Scotto said. "At this point, you are not going to win New York. Do you wish you could take back your comments?"

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