MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid Horrified By Sanders Supporters "Throwing Dollar Bills" At Hillary "As If In A Strip Club"


MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid's gut reaction to the protest outside a Hillary Clinton fundraiser last night at George Clooney's house where Sanders supporters pelted her motorcade with 1,000 $1 dollar bills is to say that it reminds her of the Sanders supporter last week who called Hillary Clinton a "Corporate Democratic Whore."

JOY ANN REID: Bernie Sanders supporters throwing dollar bills at the motorcade of Hillary Clinton as she was going to the George Clooney fund-raiser. We're going to roll that video in a second. Just the idea of that, and people went on twitter afterwards. You can see the video there. People throwing dollar bills as if in a strip club.

This coming on the heels of a Bernie Sanders surrogate having to apologize for using the term "democratic [corporate] whores" at the Washington Square Park rally.

That visual there, of throwing dollar bills at a woman as she's going by in her motorcade, has the Democratic race gone over the edge?

The protesters:

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